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Write Administrator-Approved Objectives in No Time!

TPRS works. But often, admins are at a loss to spot the things that are really going on. This is often because TPRS accomplishes many goals at the same time, instead of devoting large blocks of time to a single goal that is obvious and easy to observe.

This generator will give you a random TPRS/CI friendly goal at random each time you click the button. (You may see duplication before you have seen all the goals because of the randomization).

If you do a class activity and can't think of how to write a convincing goal in administration-speak, email Terry and she'll sling the you-know-what and add your goal to this generator for everyone to use.

Students will state opinions about a shared text or narrative in a culturally-appropriate manner

they use language that might include things like I think, I feel, etc.